Good Praises


Aaron Martinez, Plano, IL (lost 13 lbs!)

DURING THE PROGRAM: “I'm enjoying the challenge of not being reliant on caffeine and getting my body to provide the energy.”

AFTER THE PROGRAM: “The benefits were excellent. Lots of folks asking about what I was doing and I look forward to sharing with them about your program. Even though we are done, we are sticking to probably 90% of it as the benefits are great. And honestly, after 28 days, it's not a problem to avoid the bad foods even when traveling for work. This has been very educational and also, not using it lightly, life changing for me. Thank you Sadie!”



Valerie B., Joliet, IL (lost 10 lbs and decreased symptom score by 14 points!)

“I want to thank Sadie Wells for allowing me to be a part of the Body Revive detox program! Not only did it help me lose the 10 lbs I've been wanting to get rid of as long for as I can remember, but this program has helped me feel the best I've felt in years!!! I have energy, a more focused mind, and my digestion is SO MUCH better! I thought when this was done I'd go back to my old ways of eating...but I don't want to feel like crap anymore. I'm going to try to incorporate all I've learned with this program into my life, as much as I can to make it a lifestyle. If anyone is looking for a great detox, this is the one!”



Aaron Brunworth, Chatham, IL (lost 20 lbs and decreased symptom score by 24 points!)

“I learned that what used to be a need for desserts and sweets can be satisfied with wholesome low fat options and fruit. Many of the recipes were easy and prep was minimal. Lost 20 pounds in 28 days and I will continue to follow the lessons learned in the program.”



Anonymous (decreased symptom score by 32 points)

“Just the mindset that I was trying something to become healthier gave me more energy and determination to make some changes!”



M.C.C.M., Plano, IL (decreased symptom score by 11 points!)

“I am pleasantly surprised about my strength sticking to the program especially while attending a couple of birthday celebrations during the program… I could feel my skin being positively affected by my nutrition—less dry, shinier, and softer…

It is all part of keeping a healthy body with a healthy mind…they always go together. I can feel a great overall improvement physically and mentally!...

This program reminded of the Mediterranean diet but even cleaner. I think I eat very healthy but through this program I have learned how to take it to another level and I love it!!! Though the 28 days are over, I am still applying the guidelines I was asked to follow because I feel so great that I don't want to spoil this feeling! Thank you very much for letting me being part of it!”



Sandy Kocsis, Frankfort, IL (decreased symptom score by 53 points!)

“I loved the [online] concept. I think it's an awesome program and I proved to myself that I had more self-discipline than I originally thought.”



Melissa Meyer, North Dakota (lost 10 lbs and decreased symptom score by 78 points!)

“I am learning about so many other foods that are available in my everyday grocery store and lucky to have quite the selection for organics out in North Dakota too.”



Angie Anderson, Spain

"I've done several detoxes over the years whenever I've felt like I needed to get my eating back on track, lose weight, kick the caffeine/sugar habit, etc. I personally loved the online aspect of this detox. It was so handy to have all the materials and support with me at all times just from my phone! Also, the online community part was extremely helpful because it was if I were anonymous enough to ask anything on my mind, yet recognized enough to feel accountable for completing the detox. I also got several good recipe ideas and lots of motivation from the course administrator and the others participating. I would definitely repeat this detox!"