I use an integrative and functional nutrition approach which is both client-centered and based on your unique needs. I believe in a “whole person” approach to nutrition and lifestyle.  At a minimum I recommend you commit to one initial assessment and one meal planning consultation.  I offer discounted nutrition packages for those who choose to work with me more long-term.



    • Most of the time spent in an initial assessment will focus on assessing the following:​ personal and family medical history, goals and concerns, nutritional habits and review of your current dietary intake, exercise and lifestyle habits, an extensive review of symptoms, disordered eating habits such as compulsive overeating or emotional eating, and readiness/motivation to change current habits.
    • Lab testing may be recommended but is not required.  Examples of testing include: food sensitivity testing, vitamin levels, genetic testing, organic acid panels, essential fatty acid panels, gluten intolerance, comprehensive stool analysis. These will be recommended only as needed or if requested and will be referred to other various practitioners.
    • At the end of your initial assessment, your next steps will be outlined and goals will be established. These may include initial dietary recommendations, laboratory testing, supplement prescriptions, and follow-up monitoring.
    • The second appointment is the “meal planning consultation” and will present all the details of your customized meal plan. The meal plan will outline your caloric requirements based upon your goals, macronutrient (carb, protein, fat) profiles, and other micronutrient (vitamin/mineral) recommendations. We will also review food group and serving recommendations for each category and determine the best strategy for you to implement.

Clients are always part of the goal setting process. Your readiness to change, acceptance of particular recommendations, and financial ability to continue with follow-up monitoring is discussed and considered.

*Upon scheduling your initial assessment, you will be emailed the required paperwork to be completed and returned to me at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. This enables me to better prepare for your consultation and provide the best service possible.



I like to call these sessions “coaching sessions.” These sessions are individualized to your specific needs. Typically, they are used to monitor your progress, answer any new questions you may have, continue with more education and set new goals, if needed. Time is allotted for strategizing. You will most likely be asked, “What is coming up this week that we might need to think about?” or, “Did you struggle with anything this last week or two? Are there any situations that you feel like you need help with?” Pre-planning difficult situations can be a key to success. My goal is for you to leave your follow-up sessions feeling motivated and empowered to make changes.

The frequency of our follow up appointments is individual and depends upon your current nutrition status and goals. Nutrition coaching is most effective when you have regular appointments to check in on progress, receive nutrition guidance, and develop new goals. It is common to meet more frequently in the beginning to build momentum and less frequently as time goes by. Most clients see me every week initially for the first month. Nutrition coaching provides the support you need to keep on track with your goals and gradually adopt meaningful, sustainable change. Initial follow up sessions are typically 55 minutes and gradually decrease to 25 minutes as you need less support.

Nutrition Coaching is available in 1-month and 3-month packages.



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Need to jumpstart your wellness plan? Sign up for monthly virtual coaching and stay connected! Get help with meal planning, recipe ideas, and simple strategies that work for your lifestyle.

Ready to break up with dieting and learn to create healthy habits? This 90-day program is about total transformation, and delivers all the extras you'll need to be successful! This is about you...and getting you where you need to go. Think: unlimited support, resources, mindset exercises, meal plans and recipes to help reach your fullest potential.



  • (2) Bi-weekly (30 minutes) Virtual Coaching Calls (Healthie App or phone)
  • (2) Bi-weekly Food Journal Review (Healthie App)
  • Unlimited messaging (Healthie App)
  • 5-Day customized menu with grocery list and recipe ideas
  • (6) Bi-weekly (30 minute) Virtual Coaching Calls (Healthie App or Phone)
  • (6) Bi-weekly Food Journal Review (Healthie App)
  • Unlimited Messaging (Healthie App)
  • 10-day Customized Menu with Grocery List



  • FREE Healthie App use with Photo Food Journaling
  • Clarity on your goals for weight loss and health
  • Simple implementation strategies to fit your lifestyle
  • Personalized suggestions for functional lab testing and supplements (when applicable)
  • Unlimited Coaching & Extra Sessions (available on request)
  • Unlimited Access to me
  • FREE Healthie App use with Photo Food Journaling
  • Clarity on Your Goals for weight loss and health
  • Simple implementation strategies to fit your lifestyle
  • Personalized suggestions for functional lab testing and supplements (when applicable)


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